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lauren max.

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letting go of the layers. [25 Mar 2008|05:04am]

my classmate, djordje zlatanovic, did these portraits of me for an assignment where we had to create an 'advertisement' for the photography program at sccc. in the final versions, he put text over the red banners that read 'uncover the possibilities'. it was funny/embarrassing when he actually presented these to the class the day we had to turn the photos in. but, they actually turned out pretty neat even though i was hesitant about dressing down for the sake of the assignment in spite of my own modesty.

i sent all of my securities to the back of my mind and went for it. i have come to terms with my body issues, or so i thought. but lately, they've been rising up into my thoughts once again. "i wish i had bigger boobs, smaller feet, wider eyes, thicker hair." blah blah blah.

i hate focusing on these issues that i cannot change, why are they coming up again, in such a strong way? these are not the sort of thoughts that are worth my time.

okay, i'm back. [03 Mar 2008|05:39am]
i have exciting news!

i recently shot promo photos for my friends ricky, tim, and eric who are members of the pleasureboaters. they used the photos as part of their national promotional campaign.

here's an e-card that their promo company used one of my photos of them for...

click here to view the photo/ read about the band/listen to their music!

a farewell, of sorts. [23 Feb 2008|08:37am]

i haven't been involved with my livejournal in awhile. i don't update much, i don't read my fellow friend's entries anymore, so i am just going to call it quits on here for now. i've never been able to express myself on here, or the internet as a whole, much except through photos and short blurbs anyhow. if you still want to keep up with me, you can visit me at my flickr or myspace pages.


p.s. i will leave you with those who currently inspire me:

Read more...Collapse )

dream catching. [30 Jan 2008|06:48am]

big changes are in store for me.

i am working on staying sober and am also taking a hiatus from school for the time being. i have a lot of growing to do, and many things planned for myself over the next several months. creative photography projects, traveling, new things in general.

i plan on returning to school next winter when i have a better vision and am more prepared to create the photography portfolio of my dreams.

sometimes you just need to take a step out of the box that you've felt trapped inside of for so long. it's all for the best... and i really couldn't be happier right now.

so, if you want to collaborate on some photography or any art related-projects in general, and are in the seattle area, let me know, i'm up for anything!

mother, dear. [13 Jan 2008|06:45am]

my mom will probably hate this photo because it makes her look 'too old', but personally, i love it. i love to watch my parents grow old. i enjoy seeing new wrinkles forming on their skin as time passes.

wrinkles exhibit the character you, as a person, have gained over the years... they accentuate the time you have had living. wrinkles are something to be proud of, not something to feel ashamed of.

although, i have learned that growing older is always something to fear, i'm only 21 years old, but i still long for the days when i was seven, and sitting in the middle of my yard on a summer day, waiting for my friends to arrive so we could build a fort together. i constantly reminisce on this memory, among others, and i know that as we grow older, we will always feel this way. we will always long for the younger days of our existence. but if we always focus on this aspect, we will never live within the magic that is growing older, wiser, and better.

there is something that is comfortable and amazing to be found in growing old...
i'm sure of it.

portraits taken tonight. [05 Jan 2008|08:04am]


current favorite tunes. [03 Jan 2008|06:51am]
although, they are all old favorites of our parents, i'm sure.

sound and vision -david bowie
this must be the place -the talking heads
instant karma -john lennon
love is the drug -roxy music
mr. blue sky -electric light orchestra

a new year. [31 Dec 2007|08:57am]
this year has been painful, i won't lie.

it was full of changes, and mostly finding my own weaknesses. i met a lot of great new people, i lost a few too.

i always listen to the song "a long december" by the counting crows around this time of the year.
don't ask me why, i just do. i remember this tradition began when i still lived in olympia, and borrowed the cd from my dad's collection. i layed in my room, stared at the ceiling, and repeated the song for about an hour.

i always thought that when people said they get seasonal depression they were just making excuses. i now know this can become a true state of being. the only time i want to go out anymore is to be with friends drinking whiskey, or laying in bed alone, only to sleep for hours on end.

i'm going back to school this upcoming week, and i think it will be good for me. i am ready to find better, more creative things to do with my time. if you are reading this, and want to be apart of my upcoming photography projects, let me know.

or, if you just want to drink whiskey with me and complain about the weather, i would probably be down for that too.

cheers to the new year of 2008, i hope you bring better things than 2007.

beth and i make an awesome team. [31 Dec 2007|07:16am]


a current self-portrait. [28 Dec 2007|04:40am]

yes, this is me right now.
it's 4-fucking-30 in the morning.
it's been a long night.
i am currently listening to "you're gonna miss me" by the 13th floor elevators.
my room mates just left me for bed.
we spent the night at local bars, and came home and reminisced over my old polaroids.
i have the next 5 days off, give me advice of things to do, will you?
anyways, it's past my bedtime, i need sleep.
you guys should all reply to this with a photo of yourself currently...
and include a thought to go along with.

okay kids, good night.

p.s. thank god the christmas season is over, i hate hearing seasonal music everywhere i go. the only christmas song i ever really liked was wham!'s "last christmas" single. maybe i'm just bitter.

my beloved room mate, sharie. [28 Dec 2007|04:22am]
in the process of takin' out her hair 'do at the end of the night.


polaroid photo show. [25 Dec 2007|01:28pm]

merry christmas, bitches! [25 Dec 2007|01:27pm]

it's getting cold in seattle. [27 Nov 2007|12:52am]

our house needs more heaters and i need to invest in a pair of gloves soon.

the fam. [25 Nov 2007|07:30am]

a musical mix for nick sciackitano. [19 Nov 2007|03:24am]
all of my favorite songs, that you should love too:

miss broadway - glass candy
debbie - architecture in helsinki
sound and vision - david bowie
life in l.a. - ariel pink's haunted graffiti
the general specific - band of horses
don't go - nouvelle vague
getting better - the beatles
hands in the dark - chromatics
fake i.d. - the do! team
this must be the place - the talking heads
last night a d.j. saved my life - indeep
magnetic hill - land of talk
$20 - m.i.a.
lucky ones -kevin drew
superstition -stevie wonder
jigsaw falling into place -radiohead
love to love you baby -donna summer

fate, of sorts. [19 Nov 2007|02:47am]
there are times in your life where things come up that just seem "meant to be", and because of that fact, i am going to tell you a little story ... so, the make-up and hair person i have met most recently was like a gift from god. i met seann because of the fact that he commented on my blonde hair one night as i was coming out of the baltic room. i was with evan, and blamed my new platinum blonde hair color on him, and seann and i started talking more. i found out that he took the photo program at seattle central around ten years ago... and since then seann has been doing hair, make-up, and styling for a living, along with photography of course. he has been working for major companies such as microsoft and has been doing make-up for tv shows. recently, he was nominated for an emmy award for the make-up he's been doing on television. when i met him, he told me that he's always willing to help upcoming artists and photographers (such as i).

anyways, these are some of the photos i took, with his make-up and hair expertise. he did an amazing job, and is an all around great guy.


photographic inspiration. [13 Nov 2007|02:18am]
i buy too many magazines for my own good, only to look at the amazing photoshoots presented inside of them. here are a few of my favorites that i scanned for you to view for yourself. hope you enjoy them as much as i do.

i have included credits for the ones i can recall.

photographer: takao oshima
nylon magazine (august 2006)

photographer: jesse dylan
nylon magazine (october 2006)

photographer: anna arefin
nylon magazine (october 2006)

ID magazine (the offspring issue no. 280)

vogue magazine

photographer: giasco bertoli
hobo magazine (issue no. 6)

photographer: eugenio recuenco
zink magazine (september 2007)


mom and i. [10 Nov 2007|06:37am]

best woman in my life.

published in the stranger. [08 Nov 2007|06:47am]

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